A Memorable Month

As much further along as I'd like things to be at this point, I'd be remiss not to pause and acknowledge that the past month provided some great highlights and encouragement. I sold a photo to the St. Louis Convention & Visitor's Commission (a.k.a. "Explore St. Louis") for their 2016 Visitor Guide. I began taking-on my first few Real Estate photography jobs, and made some good new connections in the field. The shop which has been selling seven lines of my photo postcards called wanting to re-order more. And last but certainly not least, I signed a big licensing agreement with one of my favorite places in the world, Forest Park Forever. How the Park will use my images remains to be seen, but they specifically noted that they wanted to purchase unrestricted usage rights for printed pieces, mailings and possibly even signage.

The income is very much needed, however one thing I cannot place a value upon is my own personal encouragement. The nullification of the "Impostor Syndrome," if you will. Lately it has seemed as though each time I've begun to stress, worry and question whether I'm on the right path, one of the above instances has suddenly revealed itself.

Today I've been choosing images for a photography show I was invited to participate in along with two area photographers whom I've admired for sometime now myself.

I know a month such as this is a rarity, and I am sure there will be plenty of uncertainty and questions in the days ahead. But looking back now and taking inventory I'm thankful and humbled by the persons who have opened these doors and opportunities to me.