What would you say to one million people?

I was given a true once-in-a-lifetime opportunity last week when I "won" the Listserve. For those not familiar it's an email lottery which boasts "What would you say to one million people?" The guidelines are fairly simple: once notified, you have 48 hours to submit 600 words maximum saying whatever you want. But you are greatly encouraged to share a personal story.

Suddenly late yesterday afternoon I began to receive personal emails from strangers around the world. France, London, Australia, NYC (even St. Louis!). Many offering advice, many telling me their own very personal stories, and many actually thanking me. It has been an extremely powerful experience, and it's dulled the cynicism I've often carried about...well, people.

In less than 24 hours now I've received literally hundreds of messages and hundreds of new Instagram followers, many leaving comments there as well.

I'd just like to encourage others to sign-up just like I did a few years back. You'll hear unique stories every day. And it may even restore a little faith in humanity.