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{**Please see important note at bottom of this page in regards to copyright and image usage**}

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Copyright/Image usage:

In modern photography, Usage Rights and Digital Usage Rights is a big business and some of the only protection photographers have in place for their work. Under current copyright laws, the copyright of any photography remains with the photographer unless specifically agreed upon. The photographer retains all rights to photos taken of properties.

No images from this website or any other of my social platforms should be downloaded, saved or reproduced without permission from me or an agreement for Usage Rights/Digital Usage Rights.

For real estate I license/approve the use of my images to the listing agent of the property at the time the photo is taken. The license of use is extended to the agent for the amount of time that the property is for sale. Photographs taken by me should not be used for any purpose other than the marketing of the property listing. By general rule, agents must obtain permission to use the image for any other medium (marketing of agent's services, calendars, etc).

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